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Bold Belt


Weight – 260 grams
Waist width – 15 cm.
Adjustable from 60 – 120 cm.
Destination – dogtrekking, canicross, skijoring, dog walk and universal.
The BOLD belt on the outside is made of waterproof and durable material, on the inside a specially designed air-permeable material is used to improve air circulation and prevent excessive sweating. Soft and flexible GEEK foam with a thickness of 1 cm is used as a filling of the belt. It perfectly adapts to the shape of the mushroom and at the same time it keeps the rigidity very well. The belt for adjusting the circumference of the musher passes through a tunnel made along the entire length of the belt, thanks to this design, the pressure on the belt is evenly distributed, which perfectly protects against injuries or injuries. An additional element of the BOLD Masher’s Belt is a double belt which is fastened with snap hooks to the lateral half circles of the belt. The Dwójnik is equipped with two snap hooks to attach to the side half-circles that the belt is equipped with and one half-circle to attach the dog. The BOLD belt is resistant to weather conditions and mechanical damage, which increases the durability of the belt, which is confirmed by long-term practical tests. A special advantage of the BOLD Belt is the use of the highest quality materials for its production. All elements are made of materials with increased strength with a guarantee of frost resistance. The whole is joined with TITAN-type threads. All the elements used in production have the necessary approvals of manufacturers.


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